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La super-precarietà del lavoro sociale: una proposta teorica newdigital
Year: 2022
The article explores the issue of precarity in the field of social work, proposing the concept of super-precariousness to represent the condition that specifically concerns social workers who, as a consequence of an unstable employment status, also find themselves suffering a precariousness of professional identity...
La partecipazione di bambini, ragazzi e famiglie nei servizi di tutela minorile: le rappresentazioni degli operatori sociali digital
Year: 2022
Families’ participation in child protection is a challenge both in its theoretical interpretation and practice implementation. When social workers have to protect children from their own family, they must reflect on how to guarantee the exercise of parents and children’s rights and duties. After a brief outline of research on parents and children’s participation in Child Protection, this paper presents results from quantitative research. Social workers are asked to define the concept of participation...
Valutare la produzione scientifica. Alcune riflessioni nel campo della sociologia digital
Year: 2020
Focusing the reflection on the Italian experience, the present article discusses two distinct but closely related theses. The first one is that bibliometrics can be used in the evaluation of scientific production even in the field of Sociology, at least in perspective. The second one affirms that bibliometric indicators can be a useful tool to support the evaluation but cannot replace the evaluation itself.
From Listen to Speak: A Range of Possible Social Media Activities between Private and Public in a Cross-Regional Perspective digital
Year: 2021
Based on the cross-national survey part of the so called Peoples’ Internet (PIN) Project, the article1 analyzes social media uses in three different world regions: Europe, US, and China. Within the tradition of the studies on the social uses of the media, the article describes different kinds of social media uses, focusing on different factors that contribute to shape them in a more or less private or public way...

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